Lindsay pregnant

About Me

My name is Lindsay Meanley and I gave birth to my first child in April 2012, a beautiful little girl called Lottie (my angel on the homepage).

After watching TV programmes and listening to unwelcome stories about giving birth, I honestly thought, really???!! There has to be an easier more enjoyable way of bringing this little miracle of life into the world. I couldn’t and wouldn’t accept that the first meeting between mom and baby would be a stressful and negative experience. For the sake of my unborn child, I was determined to give birth naturally in a calm and relaxed manner.

I heard about HypnoBirthing® from my midwife and immediately put my name on the waiting list. I attended the classes with my husband and I was so refreshed at the thought that birth could be a joyful experience and one to be savoured.

And so….. the most special day of our lives came and I greeted each surge with excitement and serenity birthing my beautiful daughter in a comfortable and relaxed manner.

Empowered by this experience I felt a strong urge to spread the word, so I packed my bag and travelled to London to train as a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner.


On the 19th of November we welcomed another beautiful baby girl into our family. Our birth experience was a joyous one as the HypnoBirthing training enabled me to birth calmly and gently. I fully went within my birthing body and listened to what my baby and my body was telling me to do and Matilda arrived easily and safely after just two hours in the hospital. She is now nearly 7 months old and she is a very chilled baby and I honestly believe her gentle entrance into the world had something to do with this.