Frequently asked questions about Hypnobirthing and my classes


Is HypnoBirthing suitable for me?

HypnoBirthing™ is suitable for any pregnant woman who would like a gentle birth.

The course is suitable for any mum-to-be;

  • First time mums and dads
  • Those who are anxious or lack confidence
  • Home births or hospital births
  • Water births
  • Vaginal births after cesareans
  • Previous traumatic births
  • Or for those who would like a normal birth but aren’t quite sure how

If your goal is to have an enjoyable birthing experience then book on a course now.

When is the best time to start the course?

Between 25 and 32 weeks is probably the optimum time, but really any time after 16 weeks. If you are early in your pregnancy and would like to start the course before your 25th week then please contact me and we can arrange something. Equally if you are above 32 weeks and are still interested in HypnoBirthing please get in touch because we can arrange some classes suited to your needs.

I am anxious about giving birth can this help me?

Absolutely! Hypnobirthing helps birthing mothers to cope with/overcome anxieties. HypnoBirthing teaches you to trust your natural birthing body and develop confidence in your ability to give birth in a calm and relaxing manner.

Is it worth the money when I can give birth on the NHS for nothing?

You only get one opportunity to give birth to your precious baby. Would you enter a marathon without training? No! Of course not, you would design a training plan, buy the correct trainers and clothes, perhaps develop a healthy eating diet. Isn’t it worth a bit of preparation to give your baby the best start in life? Experts believe that babies who have a relaxed stress free birth are more contented, breast feed more easily and sleep better. Preparing your mind and body for birth is a vital component for an enjoyable birthing day.

What is it worth to you to give your baby the safest and most comfortable start to their life?

Do I need a birth companion?

A birth companion has a vital role to play in the birth of your baby. The birth compnaion can be anyone who you feel will be supportive and beneficial to have around during your birth. It could be your partner, a family member or a friend, its totally your choice.

Does the course replace antenatal classes?

No. The course is designed to complement any medical care you receive. It is not intended to replace it. It is a stand alone course which will tell you everything you need to know to have an easier, more comfortable and safe birth for you and your baby

Can Hypnobirthing help turn breech babies??

Yes! Please contact me for a stand alone breech class.