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Testimonials from some clients







Clair and Nick July 2013

Before I met Lindsay, my husband and I knew very little about Hypnobirthing. Lindsay gave us a very clear picture of the personal course in the warmth of our own home. The next few weeks involved us understanding and developing techniques in order to aid us both visual the birth of our baby. Dispelling any fears and creating a positive birth experience. The sessions kept us happy, relaxed and very excited about meeting our first born and the course gave us the confidence as first time parents to go with our natural instincts.
We enjoyed our birth experience and the Hypnobirthing kept me confident, relaxed and IN CONTROL all the way through. Our baby daughter and I worked together in complete harmony without using the use of drugs. My husband completely understood what was happening and how to help and felt totally involved. Lindsay has a sensitive, friendly, warm and calm approach and I can’t recommend Lindsey and Hypnobirthing enough to everyone!!

Beth and Lee August 2013

I never did hypnobirthing during my first pregnancy but heard so many good reviews about it I thought I would try it during my second pregnancy, I’m glad I did. I’d had an anxious and long 50 hour labour with my first child and I was nervous about going through it again but with hypnobirthing I felt so much calmer. I and my husband worked with Lindsay over several weeks, she was so patient and calm, working through our feelings and anxieties and making sure we understood everything.

My midwife was so happy that I’d chosen to do hypnobirthing as they know it works so well. The hypnobirthing techniques were really easy to understand and use. They even helped me get the rest I needed during late pregnancy especially as I was having so many practice surges. When my waters broke without surges I had an anxious 24 hour wait before labour started but the skills id learnt from hypnobirthing kept me focused and calm. As soon as the surges started I put my hypnobirthing cd on and felt so calm and in control it was amazing. I remembered and practiced everything Lindsay had taught us and focused on the techniques that suited me best. My husband helped me stay focused and because he worked through the hypnobirthing with me he instinctively knew what I wanted him to do and not to do. Finally my daughter was born after a wonderful 3 hour labour. Her birth was sudden in the bath in triage and there were no midwives in the room when she started her journey into the world but despite this I remained calm and focused taking the situation in my stride, which is nothing like me.

Lindsay was so passionate about hypnobirthing it made the whole experience of learning the techniques and labour lovely. My daughter is such a relaxed baby and I’m sure that’s because of the hypnobirthing. I would absolutely recommend hypnobirthing and couldn’t imagine a better teacher than Lindsay.

Natalie November 2013

I gave birth to my son in October 2013 and it was an extremely positive experience which I believe was totally down to hypnobirthing.  Lindsay from Gentle Birth Experience gave myself and my birth partners the confidence, positive mental attitude and techniques to approach the birthing experience calmly and without fear or trepidation.  I believe hypnobirthing not only helps the woman but the birth partners too and helps all involved achieve a fulfilling birthing experience. The classes also left both myself and my birth partners so chilled out that they were always followed by a wonderful sleep – which isn’t always so easy during pregnancy!

I was determined to have as natural birth as possible. I was in labour for 32 hours and my son was back to back (which means you are spine to spine with your baby, therefore you feel the labouring up your back) but by using the techniques that Lindsay had taught me I was able to remain drug free and calm throughout.

I can not recommend Lindsay from Gentle Birth Experience highly enough. Hypnobirthing is amazing and I would recommend it to every pregnant woman as an essential part of your pregnancy and birth plan.

Gem and Rich February 2014

My son was born in February 2014, you hear so many horror stories about labour that I was determined I was going to have a calm and enjoyable delivery! The hypnobirthing techniques that Lindsay teaches allow you and your birth partner to relax, stay calm and focus on your end goal…the safe delivery of your baby. I found the breathing techniques the most useful and was in labour for 24 hours without the need for any pain relief whatsoever, in fact I was that relaxed and enjoying my birth experience so much I was able to fall asleep in between contractions! I do not have enough good words to say about Lindsay and hypnobirthing, but I am sure my delivery would not have been as calm and without these techniques!

Clare and Nik March 2014

I’d heard about hypnobirthing and really believe that your state of mind effects everything you do in life, so I wanted to use hypnobirthing during my pregnancy and labour. I had a fabulous pregnancy and enjoyed evey minute of it, feeling a new life growing inside of me was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was about 20 weeks gone when I started hypnobirthing, we did it as a group session which saved money and also helped as they had questions I hadn’t thought of asking. As well as helping you relax and preparing you for the labour a huge benefit for me personally was asking all of the questions the medical profession seem to think you already know, what to expect as soon as the baby is born, to eat and drink well beforehand, are you still able to have a water birth if this happens or that happens, what happens to your body as soon as the baby is born, how long should you expect to bleed for, how much should a baby feed in the first week, why is their poo like tar, can you still hypnobirth if you are not able to have a water birth… The list is endless but Lindsay had all the answers and you can ask with out judgement or worry. In short I had to be induced and unfortunately didn’t dialate enough for a natural birth, however I still hypnobirthed for 18 hours with only gas and air and lots of ice pops! The consultant thought I’d been given pain killers as I was so calm. I had every faith in my body and may baby and now she’s 10 months old, a happy healthy gorgeous girl that’s made every day an adventure. A big thank you to Lindsay for everything she has done for my little family x x x

Sophie and Jon October 2014

The classes were excellent and each and every week was set in a calm and relaxing environment comfortable for all parties. Attention to detail seemed very important to Lindsay from extra cushions for mum to checking our understanding and asking if we had any questions throughout the sessions. The sessions were varied in approach from watching videos, discussing before, during and after the birth of baby to hands on approaches of relaxation and massage. Every week my husband and I would love forward to attending and the two hours we spent at the class flew by.

Lindsay was extremely knowledgeable and very professional in her manner of teaching us Hypnobirthing but still maintained a friendly approachable personality, making us feel very comfortable. We were given excellent resources to take away after the first class including CDs, a book and information sheets which were very helpful.

We cannot recommend Lindsay enough for her help on bringing our daughter into the world. She arrived calmly and safely with no special circumstances in labour and we left the hospital as a new family the same day. The hypno experience was worth every penny and worked so well. A massive thank you to Lindsay and we will be using Hypnobirthing with our next child.

Mel November 2014

We chose hypnobirthing because I was at my nephew’s birth and my sister had an amazing hypnobirth. I was amazed at how calm and relaxed birth could be, against all those TV drama births! We really enjoyed Lindsay’s classes; she is a fantastic teacher and the sessions were really welcoming. I used the hypnobirthing relaxation techniques throughout labour and they really helped to keep me calm when my delivery became more complex, unexpectedly. It also meant that I only needed minimal pain relief too because I was so relaxed! Hypnobirthing has been an ongoing thing for us too, we even use the relaxation music with our newborn; she loves it!

Linsey and David Janurary 2015

We decided to do a Hypnobirthing course for our 3rd pregnancy. Having had quite positive experiences with my first two labours (induction followed by water birth for my first daughter, and a rapid delivery for my second daughter), I had heard that it was possible to train yourself to be in more control during labour and birthing, so wanted to give this a go!

The course provided myself and my husband some invaluable time to bond with our son during my pregnancy. We felt that Lindsay tailored the course to meet our individual needs and fully prepared us for Harry’s birth in a ‘different’ way to my previous experiences. We felt calm and confident about the prospect of labour this time around and were really excited to meet our new baby.

The outcome of this was that I was in complete control of my labour when it occured, I had no examinations during labour (…and sometimes even doubted myself that I was even in labour!!), and Harry was born in a calm, gentle way in a birthing pool with very minimal intervention from the midwives and no pain relief whatsoever.

In the days that followed I was up and about straight away and didn’t feel anywhere near as much post-natal pain as I did with my first two births.

I would highly recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone considering it, and definitly recommend Lindsey.

Jade February 2015

From the first point of contact Lindsay was friendly and instantly put me at ease. I was sent my HypnoBirthing book in the post so that I could start reading straight away which I found very helpful. Every week of the course was informative and enjoyable; it was invaluable to my husband and I. We practiced at home every day and felt very prepared for birthing. 

When the time came, my birthing experience, like so many others, did not go to plan: however, everything we learnt from Lindsay helped us to remain calm and positive.Without doing the HypnoBirthing course, I would most likely have panicked and accepted offers of an epidural (which I have always been adamant I did not want).
I do not hesitate to recommend Lindsay; she is warm, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you.
Jade x

Liz and Dave March 2015

I chose Lindsay as her fee for the course was very reasonable and she offered flexible payment options.
This course is invaluable. As a ‘high risk’ mother to be my pregnancy was treated very negatively. I was made to feel very frightened and anxious by health professionals. Lindsay made me feel wonderful about the baby growing inside me. She made me feel calm and reduced mine and my husbands anxieties about pregnancy and child birth.
Lindsay is down to earth, friendly and she makes exceptional cakes!
I used the Hypnobirthing techniques throughout my labour and beyond, it really makes a difference.
Thanks Lindsay from Liz, Dave and Kathryn xx

Emily and Andy April 2015

‘We can’t thank Lindsay enough for her support and guidance through the Hypnobirthing course and beyond. After initially feeling slightly sceptical even despite recommendations from friends for the method (we are quite pragmatic people), Lindsay was able to instantly put us at ease with her level-headed approach to teaching the course. First and foremost she maintained that whatever the birthing outcome; the health of mum and baby was the absolute priority, which in our case helped us through the speedy and unexpected circumstances surrounding the birth of our daughter (undiagnosed breech during induced labour leading to emergency C-section). Even though our birth story was not typically aligned to the hypnobirthing vision, the course helped us to feel prepared and relaxed during my pregnancy and being a self confessed control-freak I am convinced I would have felt incredibly anxious otherwise. Add to that the practical advice Lindsay was able to offer being a mum of two in answering all the questions we had – that dedicated time to talk about the pregnancy/birth/baby care was very useful. The hypnobirthing approach also enabled me to learn the art of ‘cat napping’, which I have used to great effect during the first few weeks as a new mum! All in all we sincerely recommend Lindsay as a hypnobirthing instructor and the Marie Mongan approach and wish her all the best for the future.’

Andy, Emily Grimwade